Relationship Marketing and Local Business Consulting

Unlock Your Business Potential and Ignite Growth

At Mainline Marketing Group, we are more than consultants. We are opportunity creators, unlocking your business potential and accelerating growth. With innovative strategies and expertise, we foster connections that drive results. Discover our personalized growth model, designed to 10X your business. From lead generation to customer care mastery, trust us to engage your audience and make a lasting impact. Unlock your business potential with Mainline Marketing Group today!

Growth Through Engagement and Connection.

Establishing world-class growth strategies is what we do best.  We will define an approach that works best for you.

Why Choose Us

10X Your Business Growth With Our Personalized Model

Mainline Marketing Group has been instrumental in building exponential record-breaking growth through direct marketing and relationship marketing.  Our expansion model will easily scale as you experience long-term expansion.

Our Services

Lead Generation

Help you develop and customize growth avenues to bring in additional customers and clients.

Customer Care Expertise

Follow-up strategies to help you build stronger relationships with your customers and clients.

Social and Relationship Management

Work with you to build your social outreach and marketing.

Custom Support Automation

Take your content and optimize and Automate it to reach a broader audience fast. 

Amplify Your Message, Ignite Your Potential!

Engage your audience in unique ways

Let us deploy strategies to enable you to Engage your audience in unique ways.  We will utilize cutting-edge tools to monitor and release your message.

Your users aren’t just numbers, they’re real people we help you reach!


Followers across all of our clients’ social networks


Generated via social and Relationship Marketing


Average follower engagement after we implement systems

“Consulting is not just about solving problems, it’s about unlocking potential and accelerating business growth. Our expertise lies in leveraging innovative strategies, fostering lasting connections, and delivering measurable results.”

Joseph Miller